Fire Inspection prevents Business Fire



2015-02-05 American Classic Barber Shop - Short Circuit Image

Did you know the Keizer Fire District staff complete fire inspections for each of the business in the Keizer Fire District? Our goal is to ensure the safety of each member in our community and to keep a fire as small as possible if one does occur.

Firefighter/Paramedic Greg Biben was going through his stack off inspections for the day with a stop at American Classic Barber located at 4196 River Rd N.  While completing the inspection Biben checked for general fire hazards and to see if there was an outdated fire extinguisher.  Business owner David Box was showing Biben the rear portion of the building when owner Box noticed a flicker of light coming from the electrical panel area.

The flicker that he noticed was a small electrical short above the fuse panel. The short was causing a small flame behind the metal pipe and wood veneer wall of the building.

Firefighter Biben quickly shut off the electrical breakers and the small fire died down. He then contacted the engine crew to assist in searching for possible fire extension in the walls and ceiling. The engine carries a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) that allows firefighters to see heat though walls and ceilings without creating holes or damage.

Luckily the fire was discovered while it was very small and only minor damage occurred to the breaker panel. The business owner was advised to have an electrician come out to make the repairs.

American Classic Barber Shop will be closed intermittently according to David Box while the needed repairs are made. “I am so thankful Greg came by to do my fire inspection when he did, he saved my business”.