The Keizer Fire District currently provides the following services to the community:

FIRE SUPPRESSION – Fire suppression activities include:

  • Rescue Services – Accomplished with a thorough search of the involved structure.
  • Fire Control and Extinguishment – Involves the placement of hose lines and the process of securing an adequate water supply.
  • Property Conservation – Accomplished by protecting exposures and performing salvage activities to the involved structure and the personal belongings of the occupants.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES – These services are divided into three basic areas:

  • Advance Life Support (ALS) – Required for more serious cases, when intravenous, cardiac monitoring or drug therapy is initiated. (i.e. heart attacks, major trauma)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) – When basic bandaging, splinting, or immobilization is needed. (i.e. fractures, lacerations, minor trauma)
  • Mental Health – When the patient requires psychological care, rather than physiological care. (i.e. attempted suicides, depression)

PREVENTION SERVICES – These services are critical and include:

  • Pre-plans – Approving pre-plans of new buildings and providing technical review assistance
  • Fire Inspections – Conducting fire inspections of commercial businesses and schools
  • Investigations – Investigating the causes of fires
  • Fire Code – Responding to fire code related citizen and staff requests and conducting fire code training for line personnel

PUBLIC EDUCATION – These important activities include:

  • Discussions – Fire prevention and safety talks to educate the community
  • Tours – Tours of the fire stations available to interested citizens
  • Demonstrations – Demonstrations of fire fighting activities are conducted for the citizen’s benefit
  • Smoke Detector Awareness Program – A program to increase awareness among the public

MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES – Every day, the department responds to numerous other community needs, including:

  • Rescue of children or pets locked in vehicles
  • Invalid assistance
  • Assisting police with lost child searches
  • Property damage reduction from unforeseen circumstances
  • Mutual aid calls to other jurisdictions
  • Wildland firefighting activities
  • Fire watch and EMS standby at special events
  • Juvenile fire-setter counseling program

The Keizer Fire District realizes that our first priority is to respond to the citizens of Keizer during emergency situations. We also know that our role of providing support to our citizens does not stop when the fire is out, or the patient is transported. As an organization, we can have a positive impact on the community by being involved in many different ways.

At the Keizer Fire District we consider ourselves members of a family, and have a special bond with each other. Our Fire District family includes secretaries, administrative personnel, chief officers, support personnel, firefighters and the International Association of Fire Fighters organization.

With this bond, we have created a strong and diverse group, with many different assets and abilities that enable us to help the community. The following are activities through which the Keizer Fire District has had a positive impact on our community:

Fire Explorer Program
A program for youths age 14-21 to learn about the fire service and to teach them how to be more responsible citizens

M.D.A. I.A.F.F. Fill-The-Boot Drive
Collection of donations for the annual M.D.A. drive

Holiday Adopt-A-Family
A Keizer Chamber program to provide gifts and necessities to families in need during the holidays

Keizer Little League
A program to sponsor team in the Little League teams

Hands Only C.P.R. Classes

The Keizer Fire District and its members are dedicated to the community in which we serve. Our actions continually demonstrate that we are having a positive and welcomed impact on the citizens of Keizer in both an official and unofficial capacity.